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Mrs. Ritchi
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Personal Information

Roxanne Ritchi

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Family members

Roxanne Ritchi (daughter)

Chronological and political information

Ritchi family

First Appearance

Megamind (mentioned only)

Mrs. Ritchi is the mother of Roxanne Ritchi.


Mrs. Ritchi is mentioned in the movie when Roxanne and "Bernard" are bike riding in the park and Roxanne laments the pollution problem because she and her mother used to bike together there often in her youth.

In the novel, Roxanne talks with Mrs. Ritchi on the phone about what a great guy "Bernard" is. She seems to have a strong bond with Roxanne. Apparently, she is disappointed that unlike Metro Man, her daughter's boyfriend can't fly, implying that Mrs. Ritchi, like almost everyone in Metro City, loved Metro Man (and the fact that her daughter was "dating" him) and hates Megamind.

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