Written by

Troy Dye
Tom Kelesides

Art by

Carlos Valenti




Ape Entertainment

Release date

August 3, 2011

Last Issue

Bad Minion! Bad!

Next Issue

A Sidekick's Sidekick

Megamutt is the third comic story of Megamind Comics published in the second volume.


Megamind and Minion find a super-powered dog believed to be from their home planet.

Mega Mutt

When Minion makes a wish for a pet dog, his desire literally falls from the stars in the shape the courageous blue canine, Megamutt! Gifted with amazing superpowers, minion's new pet quickly becomes the toast of Metrocity...and Megamind's new sidekick! However, this new pet's origins may not be what they seem...and it's up to Roxanne and Minion to unravel the mystery of Megamutt!.

Minion's Day Off Part 3

Rox Star


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