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Megamind's Father
Megamind's father
Biographical Information

Unknown name, Glaupunk Quadrant


Unknown (deceased)

Physical Description




Hair color

Black (Bald head)

Eye color


Skin color


Personal Information

Megamind, Megamind's Mother, Minion



Family Information
Family members
Chronological and political Information
First Appearance


Voiced by

Justin Theroux

The father of Megamind remains nameless throughout the movie. When his planet was about to be absorbed by a black hole, he and his partner loaded their infant son with his minion in a escape pod and sent him off in order to save him, He perishes along with his partner when the black hole absorbs (and destroys) their planet shortly after Megamind's pod departs.


Megamind's father is only seen in a flashback, when his partner hands him their infant son and he takes him to his escape pod. Once their son is inside the pod he gives him a glowing blue pacifier, which he refers to as his son's "binky", for comfort. Before the pod takes off he tells his son that he is destined for greatness and hugs Megamind's mother as they watch their son depart. Megamind's father dies along with his partner when their planet is absorbed by a black hole.

When Megamind takes over Metro City Minion tells him that his parents must be smiling down from "Evil Heaven".


Like Megamind and his mother, Megamind's father has blue skin, a large bald head and black slim eyebrows. He has light brown eyes, a slender body and a black beard. Like Megamind's mother, he wears a white high-collared jumpsuit with glowing turquoise stripes.


  • It is widely believed that either he or Megamind's mother created Minion.
  • He bore a strong resemblance to Megamind.


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