Megamind's Escape Pod
Object Information

Megamind's people




To transport infant Megamind and Minion to Earth.

Is the escape pod vessel in which Megamind escaped from his dying home planet.


Megamind's escape pod is an extra terrestrial child-sized rocket in which Megamind's parents packed their infant son along with his Minion and his binky and sent him off of their home planet, which was destroyed by a black hole. The pod got severely damaged when it crashed against several asteroids and Metro Man's own pod bumped against it but managed to stay together until it landed in the Metro City Prison For The Criminally Gifted. It's unknown if the vessel is still on the prison or if Megamind took it with him once he became the city's hero.


The pod is grey, ratty and spherical with a small blue seat, wires and buttons inside it.


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