Disguise Generator Watch
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Megamind and Minion



The Disguise Generator Watch it's a watch-like device that can (almost completely) change the appearance of whoever uses it, with the sole exception of the eyes, who remain with the same color as their owner's.


At the beggining of the movie, Megamind uses it to escape from prison by disguising the Warden as himself and viceversa in order to escape and later uses it when he has to disguise himself as Bernard at the Metro Man Museum so Roxanne doesn't see him. After Hal gets accidentaly injected with Metro Man's DNA sample and obtains his powers Megamind scans as old man and disguises himself as Hal's "Space Dad" to manipulate him into becoming Metro City's new superhero. Before the final battle Minion uses the watch to disguise himself as Warden to break out Megamind, who later makes Minion disguise himself as him to rescue Roxanne while Megamind fought Tighten disguised as Metro Man. In Megamind: The Button of Doom it was sold for 10 dollars to a woman Megamind referred to as "the lady with the beautiful mustache".