Object Information



Megamind Damien (Temporarily)


Dehydrate objects/people (main usage)

The De-Gun is a weapon Megamind invented as a kid which he usually uses to dehydrate things (It also has the commands: Decompress, Debilitate, Demoralize, Decoupage, Deregulate, Death Ray, and Destroy).

In the movie, Megamind uses it to dehydrate Minion when they are at school, Bernard, when Megamind has to disguise himself as him, trash, Roxanne's doorman Carlos, and himself to avoid falling to death while fighting Tighten. He also uses it to cut the lace at the inauguration of the Megamind Museum.

The De-Gun is seen again in Megamind: The Button of Doom, where Damien uses it to dehydrate his and his friends' parents until Megamind and Minion retrieved it.

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